Bienvenidos a SAL

Named after the glorious aromatic brine that is applied to grilling meats in Argentina, the dynamic space will house a show-stopping asado grill (original Argentinian charcoal fire pit), rustic open plan kitchen with a dedicated ceviche counter bar and Amsterdam's very first mezcaleria ( mezcal bar) set over 2 floors with an alluring terraced courtyard to boat.

For almost 500 years Latin America has the melting pot of cultures, races, religions and above all, cuisine. Across the region it is home to criollos, meztizos, migrants and descendants from Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, African and Asian peoples. All of these are united by being Latin and have created a rich tapestry or kitchen with influences from their original countries.

With a growing momentum for the region's cuisine on an international scale, Salmuera's quest is to capture the vibrancy, passion and diversity of Latin culture, its country, its people and its rituals, allowing for a fresh approach in discovering, developing and ultimately sharing great new flavors and experiences. Drinking and dining at Salmuera will transport you to the barrios of Buenes Aires, the markets of Lima and the mezcalerias of Mexico City.

Savor the succulent sensation of asado grilled meats which melt in your mouth, watch our chef prepare fresh ceviches in the world of storm.

Besito, SAL

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Every day: 17.00 - 01.00 Rozengracht 106H, NH Amsterdam (020) 6245 752

La Familia

Here in Salmuera our casa es su casa. The spirit of the restaurant derives from our heritage, from our traditions, our Familia. At our place there always is a place at our table. 



Salmuera is salt water that we in Argentina use to baste the meat. Salt is the main seasoning and Salmuera carries on this tradition. Find this simple but truly amazing water on the table in Sal.

Hot water - Sea salt - Laurel - Rosemary - Garlic


With pride we present to you our wide variety of artesenal Mezcal from Mexico. Ask our Mezcaleros for recommendations, flights, pairings or questions you might have. 


Our ceviches are made with family recipes. Fresh pescado, authentic flavours, and a beautifull balance of bold flavours.


Enjoy our fully set tables over a nice glass of wine. Malbec from Mendoza, Syrah from Chile, and other delicious pairing with our Argentinian black label steaks!

Little Sal

If you don't have the time to join us in the restaurant or bar, we can still hook you up with some delicious food to go. 

Check out little Sal for authentic ceviches, agua fresca, amazing sandwiches, and empanadas.