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For almost 500 years Latin America has been the melting pot of cultures, races, religions and above all, cuisine. Across the region it is home to criollos, meztizos, migrants and descendants from Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, African and Asian peoples. All of these are united by being Latinos and have created a rich tapestry of cuisine with influences from their original countries but whose dishes, as a whole and individually, are part of the great Latin family kitchen.

With a growing momentum for the region’s cuisine on an international scale, Salmuera’s quest is to capture the vibrancy, passion and diversity of Latin culture, its land, its people and its rituals, allowing for a fresh approach in discovering, developing and ultimately sharing great new flavours and experiences. Drinking and dining at Salmuera will transport you to the barrios of Buenes Aires, the markets of Lima and the mezcalerias of Mexico City.

Savour the succulent sensation of asado grilled meats which melt in your mouth, watch our chef prepare fresh ceviches right in front of your eyes and discover why mezcal is the mother of all spirits and is taking the drinks scene across the world by storm.

Besito, SAL